BUY DOGGIE SNAX INCENSE , This is a fluffy mixture that so many enthusiasts swear by and turn to for recreational enjoyment. It has a unique texture that has long-lasting effects which are the reason it is the go-to-choice for so many loyal consumers. So check out Doggie Snax Potpourri today and find out if it is a perfect fit for you too!
We’ve been able to bring back your favorite blends and we know Doggie Snax is a fan favorite for good reason. Now is your chance to kick back and relax while enjoying an amazing aroma that sets the mood perfectly every time. Doggie Snax is perfect for a solo evening.
Doggie Snax herbal incense starts with a base of Damiana and Mugwort, then uses Marshmallow Leaf to help combust the blend together and provide rich smoking texture. It’s then flavored by Raspberry and Peppermint Leaf to give notes of fresh fruit. There is the subtle scent of the resin of pine trees, which is slightly reminiscent of a winter forest.
BUY DOGGIE SNAX INCENSE spice should be termed an uplifting and clean incense. It won’t send you to sleep or fatigue you, so it’s ideal when you want to relax but still have to go about your day.
The smell of Doggie Snax is kind of sharp, while fresh and woody. But not the kind of base note woody that is often used to describe Bizarro incense. This is more of a fresh, mid note woody. A smell that is intensely uplifting rather than a chill one, so use it in moderation to start.


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